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Think About It.
Not everyone with a microphone and computer is a recording engineer.

EJ Nolan is.
EJ Nolan has spent thousands of hours mixing sound
for hundreds of commercials
Thousands of Live TV Shows
And countless Video productions.
Do what you do best,
and leave the recording, mixing, editing and sound effects to us.

EJ Nolan creates "Theatre of the Mind."
Making the Listener's imagination
Your production tool.
So whether you need Audio-for-Video
a Persuasive Narration, 
Or a very Cost Effective Radio Commercial, Audio Book or Jingle, 
EJ Nolan's NCS Recording Studio
Will make you sound like a genius.



When Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre presented "War of the Worlds" people actually jammed the highways and shot at water towers - thinking they were alien war machines.

AUDIO THEATRE is some powerful stuff -
because it takes place in the listener's mind.
The same place where dreams unfold.

NCS Studios puts this power in your hands.
Use it wisely.

CONTACT EJ NOLAN To create some out-of-this-world audio history of your own, at NCS Studios.

  • Podcasting
  • Radio Commercials
  • TV Voice Trax/Narration
  • Speaker Support Materials
  • Instructive Vignettes
  • CD Training While You Drive
  • Audio Book Recording Studio
  • Streaming Audio for Your Website
  • Power Point Soundtracks
  • Message on Hold/Voicemail Outgoing messages
  • Sent Anywhere in the World Instantly as mp3s
Don't Delay Your Dreams - Contact EJ Now!

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